Finding Home (A Second Stage Production)

By Timothy Frost
Director: Dillon Sickels
Producer/Dramatist: Timothy Frost
Mentor Director: Aeryn Williams
Auditions: October 29 & 30 2023 at 7:30pm
Shows: January 12-14, 2024
Produced in association with Timothy Frost
“Blood is thicker than water” is not a philosophy that can be used here as we look into the lives of a family that breaks apart when the father is found sleeping with his wife’s sister. But as it was to save her life, does that make it justifiable? Finding Home explores social issues of domestic abuse, self preservation, self discovery and finding our place in this world when we no longer can call our birth family “home”.


John (30-45): Father, caring, compassionate, and funny. Nice and helpful to a fault.
Carol Ann (30-45): Mother, loving and sensitive. Blunt and sarcastic. Hidden insecurities.
Sarah (30-45): Wife’s sister, sensitive, kind, battered wife.
Paul (20s): Eldest son. Medically hard of hearing. Kind, but increasingly depressed and isolated as years go on from an illness and becoming deaf.
Scott (20s): Middle son, gay, sarcastic, more rigid as he grows up.
Janie (20s): Youngest Daughter, tomboyish, caring, loving like father, blunt like mother.
Ensemble Roles: Teacher/Ryan/Jerold/Stephanie/Guard/ Nurse/Cellmate



  • In-person: One day only – Tuesday, January 2, Noon to 3 p.m.
  • Phone: Beginning January 3 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. throughout production
  • Online: Any time beginning Tuesday, January 2 at 12 a.m.

Please note: Second Stage productions are not part of the patron season package.